VAABS Video as a business solution

We developed VAABS as a 3-step business model to build your success—whether in revenue or efficiency. Our team of analysts assesses how video content can address your needs. Our creative team designs knockout content, unmatched in the industry. Our strategists deploy the content in the channels that best reach your target audience.  

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Strategy is the first step in our VAABS business model. Our strategists can work in any area to put together the best solutions to suit your business challenges. Bring us a problem, and we’ll define the target audience, form a clear message, and determine how to best get it to your target audience.

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The centerpiece of VAABS is compelling video content. Good content is art that works hard and does it with purpose. Our team of creatives, content writers, and filmmakers create content driven by strategy from the get-go. And it’s stunning.

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The last step in the VAABS model is diffusion. We help you determine the best channel for distributing content with our placement specialists, and we push it out to the platforms where it will do the most good with the best yield.

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At Oranje, we provide the answer to your business needs—sales development, recruitment, employee training, branding—with turnkey video solutions. We take on your goals: increased visibility, growing revenue, lower costs, and lighter workloads.


Every problem entrusted to us gets a personalized, fine-tuned approach. We collaborate with ace professionals and experts and take charge of the whole process, from analysis, to strategy, to creation, to delivery. Then we run our own metrics to make sure it’s effective.

We do everything we can to stay at the front of the pack, with some of the best corporate video in the industry. We use the latest technology to deliver gorgeous, web-ready content that includes 360 degree video, augmented reality, and mind-blowing photography with our 4K and 6K resolution cameras.


Corporate video Memtronik
Corporate video Interbois
Corporate video Solisco imprimeurs
Motion graphic Quebec Wood Export Bureau
3D Modulation – Service video Canam-bridge
Corporate video Sani Marc
Vidéo corporate Entreprises Éric Grondin inc.
Corporate video Procycle
Product video Bestar
Product video OSI Precision
Corporate video Industrie Bourgneuf
Corporate video Houblon des Jarrets noirs
Corporate video Omnifab
Corporate video Sani marc Pool